BAIF Development Research Foundation is a professionally managed non-profit Public Trust, established by a noted Gandhian, Late Dr. Manibhai Desai in 1967, to promote sustainable livelihood in Rural India.

The Nature Cure Ashram was established by Mahatma Gandhi at Urulikanchan in March 1946 to promote health care through naturopathy. After spending eight days at the ashram, Gandhiji entrusted the responsibility of managing the ashram to his trusted disciple Manibhai Desai. Manibhai worked closely with the villagers and launched various novel experiments to address their problems. Based on these experiences, BAIF Development Research Foundation (formerly, the Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation) was founded in 1967. The foundation stone of BAIF was established in 1967 by Dr. Zakir Hussain, the-then President of India. 

BAIF focuses on families living below the poverty line, empowerment of women, promotion of education and health facilities and livelihood programmes. This goal is being achieved using the available natural resources and appropriate technologies, while building human capabilities and moral values thereby bringing quality life within the reach of the poor people living in remote parts of the country. 


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