An event “Kisan Mela” was organized on 24th Nov 2015 at Badanwara of Ajmer district under Samriddh Kisan Project sponsored by Mahindra & Mahindra, where 176 farmers of 19 Villages participated. Event was inaugurated by Dr. Girish Kumar Mathur, Program Co-ordinator, KVK, Ajmer by paying tribute to Goddess Saraswati.
A brief introduction of Project activity as well as information and roles and responsibilities of farmer groups was elaborated by Mr. Naresh Kumar, Project Co-ordinator.
Mr. J.K. Singh, Additional Chief program Coordinator, briefed an introduction of BAIF and different working areas and development programme running in Rajasthan since 1985 and detailed the future development plan of farmers’ community by the project.
Dr. Krishan Gopal Chipa, Agriculture Officer (Plant Protection) Ajmer in his address session advised farmer community regarding adoption of new technology like Poly house, Innovative and Improved farming like seed and crop selection, Seed Treatment, with dedication for better development of farmer and country. 
Mr. Kailash Kumar Assistant Agriculture officer delivered a speech on subsidized schemes introduced by Govt. of Rajasthan like Drip Irrigation, Pipe line, Water storage pond, Pheromone Traps etc. as farmers may get higher benefits by improved farming.
Dr. Girish Kumar Mathur addressed to farmer’s community that adoption of new technology in farming sector is essential today. Testing of soil for provide essential nutrients does with organic manure to crop is required better for production as well as soil health. He focused about seed replacement for optimum production under stress conditions and advised to adopt Artificial insemination for increase milk production with balance feeding practices by the help of Azola which is very economically.
Guests appreciate the event & commented that it was very good event to have direct interaction with farmers, which helped us to assess the need of area. They were highly impressed listening that project is under implementation through Farmers groups.
During the program, Scientist answered several queries asked by farmers. Guests visited stalls in campus. Honored three farmers by guests through Momentum for better production of Maize.
Vote of Thanks given by Mr. Naresh Kumar and the programme anchored by Mr. Barotiya.

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